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Ilocos Trip April 18, 2007

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CLOSER (Movie) February 15, 2007

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Dan arrives home. Alice is sleeping on his couch.
ALICE: Where have you been?
DAN: Work thing. Had a drink with Harry. You never have one drink with Harry.
ALICE: You know he’s in love with you.
DAN: No he’s not. Is he?
ALICE: Did you eat? I’ll make you something.
DAN: I’m not hungry.
ALICE: What?
DAN: This will hurt.
DAN: I’ve been with Anna. I’m in love with her. We’ve been seeing each other for a year. It began at her opening.
Alice gets up and walks past him.

ALICE: I’m going.
DAN: I’m sorry.
ALICE: Irrelevant. What are you sorry for?
DAN: Everything.
ALICE: Why didn’t you tell me before?
DAN: Cowardice.
ALICE: Is it because she’s successful?
DAN: No, it’s because she doesn’t need me.
ALICE: Did you bring her here?
DAN: Yes.
ALICE: Didn’t she get married?
DAN: She stopped seeing me.
ALICE: Was that when we went to the country to celebrate our third anniversary?
ALICE: Did you phone her, beg her to come back? when you went for lovely walks?
DAN: Yes.
ALICE: You’re a piece of shit.
DAN: Deception is brutal. I’m not pretending otherwise.
ALICE: How? How does it work? How do you do this to someone?
Dan tries to think of an excuse.
ALICE: Not good enough.
DAN: I fell in love with her, Alice.
ALICE: Oh, as if you had no choice? There’s a moment, there’s always a moment, “I can do this, I can give in to this, or I can resist it.” And I don’t know when your moment was, but I bet you there was one. I’m gone.
Dan blocks her exit.
DAN: It’s not safe out there.
ALICE: Oh, and it’s safe in here?
DAN: What about your things?
ALICE: I don’t need “things.”
DAN: Where will you go?
ALICE: Disappear.

ALICE: Can I still see you?
ALICE: Dan, can I still see you? Answer me.
DAN: I can’t see you. If I see you, I’ll never leave you.
ALICE: What will you do if I find someone else?
DAN: Be jealous.
ALICE: You still fancy me?
DAN: Of course.
ALICE: You’re lying. I’ve been you. Will you hold me?
He holds Alice, who’s now crying.
ALICE: I amuse you but I bore you.
DAN: No. No.
ALICE: You did love me?
DAN: I’ll always love you. I hate hurting you.
ALICE: Why are you?
DAN: Because I’m selfish. And I think I’ll be happier with her.
ALICE: You won’t. You’ll miss me. No one will ever love you as much as I do. Why isn’t love enough?
ALICE: I’m the one who leaves. I’m supposed to leave you. I’m the one who leaves.
She starts kissing him.
ALICE: Make some tea, buster.

He goes off to make tea, then looks back after a short while.

She’s not there; he runs after her, out to the street, but she’s gone.

It’s Just One of Those Days February 15, 2007

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Valentine’s Day. Sans flowers, sans chocolates, sans greeting cards, sans presents. My Valentino may be far away, but hey, for a hopeless romantic like me, I surpassed it! The pressure of being alone will stay, but I’ll get used to it.  Coz this thing called LOVE   will always reside in my heart. And yeah, there’s still life, still got DVD’s of Grey’s Anatomy to catch up watching late at nights, a life size pillow to cuddle up and a pack of Hershey’s Nuggets to nibble.    

Bring the Pain February 14, 2007

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Meredith Grey (Intro)

Pain comes in all forms. The small twinge, a bit of soreness. The random pain, the normal pain we live with every day. Then there is the kind of pain you can’t ignore. A level of pain so great that it blocks out everything else, makes the rest of the world fade away until all we can think about is how much we hurt.How we manage our pain is up to us.

Pain. We anesthetize, ride it out, embrace it, ignore it. And for some of us, the best way to manage pain is to just push through it.


Pain. You just have to ride it out, hope it goes away on its own, hope the wound that caused it heals. There are no solutions, no easy answers. You just breathe deep and wait for it to subside. 

Most of the time, pain can be managed, but sometimes, the pain gets you when you least expect it. Its way below the belt and doesn’t let up.

Pain. You just have to fight through because, the truth is, you can’t outrun it. And life always makes more.–[Grey’s Anatomy]–

Two Monks February 14, 2007

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Two monks on a pilgrimage came to the ford of a river. There they saw a girl dressed in all her finery. Obviously not knowing what to do since the river was high and she did not want to spoil her clothes.

Without more ado, one of the monks took her on his back, carried her across and put her down on dry ground on the other side. Then the monks continued on their way, but the other monk after an hour started complaining.

“Surely, it is not right to touch a woman; it is against the commandments to have close contact with women.
How could you go against the rule of Monks?”

The monk who had carried the girl walked along silently, but finally he remarked,

“I set her down by the river an hour ago, why are you still carrying her?”